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Silent Land, the fight for fair food
Bunsan en Seng Channeang

Silent Land, feature length documentary, 75 min.


Seng Channeang, a young Cambodian farmer, sees her farm and way of life threatened  by large scale companies and land grabbers. We follow her on her hunt for security for her family, for 4 dramatic years.


His Excellency Mong Reththy, one of the richest men in the country, built an empire in agricultural production. His large scale production is possible since the Khmer Rouge eradicated all property titles.


The two meet. Seng Channeang learns, and keeps looking for the middle way. She hopes her new born baby  will study law for the rights of the small scale farmers.


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Silent Snow feature length
Barcelona awards

Grand Prix Cine Eco Film Festival Seia, Portugal 2012. Best Nature and Culture Award: 2012 International Mountain Film Festival, Domzale Slovenia / Innovative Award, Envirofilm 2012, Slovakia / Water Award at CinemaVerde Film and Arts Festival Gainesville, Florida / Special Mention at Festival delle Terre, Rome / Survival International Award, IX Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona - Paris - New York


"With breathtaking images of nature, Golden Calf winner Jan van den Berg emphasizes both the beauty and vulnerability of our world." Movies that Matter festival, The Netherlands

Silent Snow short
Audience Award in Tokyo

ECOZINE Festival, Spain: Best Short Film

Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan:

     Stop Global Warming Award and

     J-Wave Audience Award

Planet in Focus, Toronto: First Prize

HRAFF Australia: Best International Film

FIFFEL, Zwitserland: Best Film

Global Environment Film Festival Japan:

     Children Earth Vision Award

Slow Food Film Festival, Italy: Golden Snail

Green Film Fest, South-Korea: First Prize

Nominations and Honorable Mentions:


     HR Film Festival, Argentina


Golden Calf Deacon of Death
Babeth Vanloo & Jan van den Berg

"A tale so intimate and suspenseful that is has the feel of a novel."

Anne-Marie O'Connor, LA Times.

Other reviews: Cambodian Daily, The Power of Culture.

Dutch Reviews: NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, Het Parool, GPD.

Nomination Taming the Floods
Frank Rigter en Jan Decleir

Nominated for a Dutch Academy Award
The jury: "A fascinating film about a fascinating subject."
Dutch Reviews: Trouw, Volkskrant

Nomination Seven Dreams of Tibet
Nominated for a Dutch Academy Award

Bye Jan
Bye Jan

Golden key in Lorquin (France), bronze dragon in Krakow (Poland), two awards in Oberhausen's int. short film festival in Germany and two nominations for a golden calf at the Dutch Film Festival

El Abrazo
A gancho by Alejandro y Vanina

European Video Dance Award, Paris


Award Ecozine Film Festival 2017
Award EcoZine Festival

Award for Silent Land op het EcoZine Int Film Festival. De Jury: Het verhaal blijft spannend tot het eind. We zien de tegenstanders in dit drama elk hun eigen verhaal vertellen en de film laat het aan de kijker te oordelen.

Marriage Moon & Bunsan 05-30-2014 Cinemambiente Film Festival Torino
Leaving for the Cinemambiente Torino film festival tomorrow. They show my short Cambodian film 'When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten', I'll give a masterclass in campaigning and I'm in the jury for the feature films. Looking forward to some great movies.
Wedding ritual in pagoda 05-26-2014 When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten
Film When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten has been selected for the 4th International Film Festival of Kashmir 2014, Srinagar!
Moon in her ricefield 03-12-2014 When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten
The short 25 min. film 'When elephants dance, the grass gets beaten’ has been - after its very succesfull premiere in Antwerp 22 January, 2014 'A beautiful film about an important subject' - selected for a number of film festivals in countries like Belgium, France, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia and Mexico. See
Fien in De Spooktrein 03-06-2014 Teaser Fien de la Mar
Maakte een 5 min teaser voor de film Om Alles, over de actrice Fien de la Mar (1898 - 1965). Premiere van de film is gepland voor 2015, vijftig jaar na haar dood. Toen ze aan het eind van haar leven van het balkon sprong, en mensen vroeger: "Waarom, Fien', antwoordde ze: 'Om Alles'. Een film van Jan van den Berg en Elske Rollema, productie Rene Mendel, Interakt.
Still by Tiina Itkonen 10-16-2012 Grand prix for Silent Snow in Portugal
This weekend Silent Snow received the grand prix at the Cine Eco Film Festival in Seia, Portugal. It's a good start for the pitch in Lisbon where Jan van den Berg is this week trying to get funding for Silent Land, a sequel to Silent Snow The award was in all the Portuguese newspapers. For more info, see
09-25-2012 In Praise of Ceramics on Dutch Film Festival
Sunday September 30th, the short film ‘In Praise of Ceramics’ will have its premiere on the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. The film is the 15th film from the series ‘Utrecht by the Sea’: a collection of short films about artists from Utrecht, a project by Jan van den Berg.
capoeira lesson in a favela 07-04-2012 Rio results: It's the hunger, stupid.
The apartment of consul general Paul Commenenda and his wife Sabina gives you a beautiful view over Ipanema beach and the lake behind it. Ipanema means ‘bad water, water you can’t fish in’ in Tupi, the native language. Last year, loads of death fish were taken out of the lake. We are more familiar with ‘The girl from Ipanema’, a girl “full of light and grace”, but also a song about life passing by and the loss of youth.
PhotoİArchive IMFFD (5) 05-01-2012 IMFFD Award for Silent Snow and screenings in Berlin, Cairo, and Hungary
April was a busy month for director Jan van den Berg. Silent Snow won an award on the IMFFD Festival in Slovenia and was screened on several other festivals and in cinemas.
02-02-2012 Seven dreams of Tibet on Himalaya Film Festival in Dronten (NL)
On February 19th, Jan van den Berg's film 'Seven Dreams of Tibet' (2001) will be screened in Dronten (NL) in the XL de Ateliers in Dronten on the Himalaya Film Festival.
11-06-2011 Dutch cinema release Silent Snow
After the successful Dutch premiere of Silent Snow on Sustainable Tuesday in September, we are proud to inform you that the Dutch cinema release of the film will take place this November. Starting on November 17th, Silent Snow will be screened in several Dutch cinemas.