Sunday September 30th, the short film ‘In Praise of Ceramics’ will have its premiere on the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. The film is the 15th film from the series ‘Utrecht by the Sea’: a collection of short films about artists from Utrecht, a project by Jan van den Berg.


In the film ‘In Praise of Ceramics’, we follow a group of artists from different backgrounds while they design and discuss the initial ideas throughout the finalization of the project and the festivities to launch the opening of a ceramic artwork in the Strosteeg. The focus lies on the cooperation between the artists: how to get consensus on the design and how to divide the tasks? Their stories illustrate a cultural map of Utrecht as a city of arts. Beside the short film, an addition website has been created where you can find background information on the artwork and the creators:


The premiere will take place in the Louis Hartlooper Complex and starts at 20h. Be prepared for a special night out as we have Utrecht’s singer Jan van Piekeren who will perform live and sing the song ‘Utrecht by the Sea’. After the film, there will be drinks at the LHC café.


From that day on, the website will be part of the campaign for ‘Utrecht as Cultural Capital of Europe’ in 2018.


A second screening will take place on October 2nd, also at the LHC, at 17.15h.


More information and tickets:


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