Mindfields is the first in a series of documentary films "War after peace". Year after year people manage to keep their heads above water under the most difficult circumstances, but then - once peace returns at last - the trauma starts and they have to deal with the war all over again, but this time in their minds.

In Mindfields we can see how people in Cambodia try to cope with the sometimes horrendous experiences which they have had in recent decades. War and violence have been a fact of life there for over 25 years, from the American bombing raids in the early seventies to the ongoing civil war.

Chhay Marideth, who was herself a prisoner under the Pol Pot regime, organizes women?s groups as a way of trying to break through the deep silence which surrounds the past. And it is difficult to put the past behind you when you are forced to rebuild your country side by side with your old adversaries.

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