The apartment of consul general Paul Commenenda and his wife Sabina gives you a beautiful view over Ipanema beach and the lake behind it. Ipanema means ‘bad water, water you can’t fish in’ in Tupi, the native language. Last year, loads of death fish were taken out of the lake.  We are more familiar with ‘The girl from Ipanema’, a girl “full of light and grace”, but also a song about life passing by and the loss of youth. In short, the perfect spot for the Dutch delegation to end the Rio +20 Conference. 


Paul and Sabina have organized a delicious breakfast and everyone gets to share their disappointment with each other and demand a statement of State Secretary Joop Atsma. The discontent on the achievements of the Conference is indeed immense. One representative tells how she saw how some youngsters left demonstratively. Atsma replies irritated that leaving is never an option, it is foolish. But what is wise? Daniel Mittler, Director of Greenpeace, on the final statement that was signed by the heads of states that were present: 


“This is a tragic document, an insult to our children and an abject failure of our governments. We are facing a future of pollution, plunder and destruction.”

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