Today we finished this short film I made for the World Future Council with researcher Holger Güssefeld, cameraman Viraj Singh and producer Jorine Muiser in Costa Rica. It’s the story of Janelle, a young girl, studying the beauty of the rainforest where she lives. Her grandfather, Don Timoteo, is her guide. He knows about the dangers threatening the forest, even in Costa Rica where nature is protected by law. In the beautiful title song he expresses his worries and asks for protection of Mother Earth.

Sound editor Bart Jilesen made another beautiful sound design. It’s always a celebration being in his studio during the last days of the edit. Foley artist Max Frick had done a great job and the sound of animals, water and nature was impressive. And the music chosen by Paul Oomens was - as always - brilliant.

It’s a pity Boris Everts and Holger Güssefeld couldn’t be there at this party. But Boris had to make his last adjustments to the images with some poetic cuts and Holger was busy preparing for the premiere in Nagoya next week. Well, the film is ready for Japan, and for the world!

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