?We had to run and run, there were soldiers everywhere. At one point we were held up by a group of rebels and we had to give them everything we had, even our shoes. We travelled to Ethiopia on our bare feet?. Nyachuom is 11 years old, and has been on the run for three of those years. For the past few weeks she has been living in a rented room just three meters square in Addis Ababa. She can?t go out to play, because the Ethiopian children don?t like the refugees and they call her names because her skin is much darker than theirs.

Nyachuom plays a doctor in ?Wargames?and she is also the main character in this documentary. Together with her mother and five brothers and sisters she escaped from her home country. On the way they met all kinds of aggression even from their own people. With a group of other Sudanese children Nyachoum is now being cared for in Addis.
Civil war has been afflicting Sudan sice 1989. The conflict between the Islamis north and the Christian south of the country involves not only religious and political but also cultural and ethnic dissension. The overall turmoils have had a devastating effect on society and the resulting chaos causes increasing number of victims, many of them children. Aid workers are trying to help children cope with their traumatic experiences through theatre activities.

Wars cannot be solved through children?s games. Many have given up all hope of peace. Not everyone, though. The Sudanese Women?s Voice for Peace is working hard to restore peace in Sidan. Theses women, among them Eunice Laku, themselves refugees, visited a small liberated area in the west of Sudan in an attempt to get the opposing parties to sit around the negotiating table. They hope that peace negotiations at an adult level can make the children?s ?Wargames? unnecessary.

The War after Peace

Wargames is the second film for the series ?The War after Peace?. Other films are "Mindfields", "Seven Dreams of Tibet", "Tales of Crocodiles" and "Deaacon of Death".

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