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Silent Land, the fight for fair food
Bunsan en Seng Channeang

Silent Land, feature length documentary, 75 min.


Seng Channeang, a young Cambodian farmer, sees her farm and way of life threatened  by large scale companies and land grabbers. We follow her on her hunt for security for her family, for 4 dramatic years.


His Excellency Mong Reththy, one of the richest men in the country, built an empire in agricultural production. His large scale production is possible since the Khmer Rouge eradicated all property titles.


The two meet. Seng Channeang learns, and keeps looking for the middle way. She hopes her new born baby  will study law for the rights of the small scale farmers.


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Silent Snow feature length
Barcelona awards

Grand Prix Cine Eco Film Festival Seia, Portugal 2012. Best Nature and Culture Award: 2012 International Mountain Film Festival, Domzale Slovenia / Innovative Award, Envirofilm 2012, Slovakia / Water Award at CinemaVerde Film and Arts Festival Gainesville, Florida / Special Mention at Festival delle Terre, Rome / Survival International Award, IX Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona - Paris - New York


"With breathtaking images of nature, Golden Calf winner Jan van den Berg emphasizes both the beauty and vulnerability of our world." Movies that Matter festival, The Netherlands

Awards for short film Silent Snow
Audience Award in Tokyo

ECOZINE Festival, Spain: Best Short Film

Short Shorts Film Festival in Japan:

     Stop Global Warming Award and

     J-Wave Audience Award

Planet in Focus, Toronto: First Prize

HRAFF Australia: Best International Film

FIFFEL, Zwitserland: Best Film

Global Environment Film Festival Japan:

     Children Earth Vision Award

Slow Food Film Festival, Italy: Golden Snail

Green Film Fest, South-Korea: First Prize

Nominations and Honorable Mentions:


     HR Film Festival, Argentina


Golden Calf for Deacon of Death
Babeth Vanloo & Jan van den Berg
"A tale so intimate and suspenseful that is has the feel of a novel."
Anne-Marie O'Connor, LA Times.
Other reviews: Cambodian Daily, The Power of Culture.
Dutch Reviews: NRC Handelsblad, Volkskrant, Het Parool, GPD.

Nomination forTaming the Floods
Frank Rigter en Jan Decleir
Nominated for a Dutch Academy Award
The jury: "A fascinating film about a fascinating subject."
Dutch Reviews: Trouw, Volkskrant

Nomination Seven Dreams of Tibet
Nominated for a Dutch Academy Award

Awards for Bye Jan
Bye Jan

Golden key in Lorquin (France), bronze dragon in Krakow (Poland), two awards in Oberhausen's int. short film festival in Germany and two nominations for a golden calf at the Dutch Film Festival


Nomination for El Abrazo
A gancho by Alejandro y Vanina

El Abrazo (The Embrace) was nominated for the European Video Dance Award

Award Ecozine Film Festival 2017
Award EcoZine Festival

Award for Silent Land op het EcoZine Int Film Festival. De Jury: Het verhaal blijft spannend tot het eind. We zien de tegenstanders in dit drama elk hun eigen verhaal vertellen en de film laat het aan de kijker te oordelen.

Nijntje ballon 28-09-2010 Ook Dick Bruna vond de film prachtig
Heb gisteren de film aan Dick Bruna laten zien en hij was er heel blij mee. Die ochtend - op weg was naar zijn atelier - was er al een lange mijnheer van zijn fiets gestapt om hem te vertellen wat een mooie documentaire hij de avond daarvoor over hem gezien had. "Nou, mijn dag was helemaal goed", zei Dick, "en nu ik hem gezien heb kan ik alleen maar zeggen dat ik er voor 100% achter sta. Wat een prachtig filmpje". Nou, daarna was ook mijn dag helemaal goed :-) Toespraak en eerste reacties:
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Don Timoteo Jackson 22-09-2010 Don Timoteo in Silent Snow
We had slept in the most beautiful house I've ever seen, in the middle of a rainforest, surrounded by huge trees. Joep Merkx, a Dutch friend, had built it on a little place where he didn't have to cut any trees. There was no electricity. At night candles gave a fairytale light. At 4 o’clock monkeys started a kind of loud barking, very close. Every ten minutes new birds started their morning songs and I could see the monkeys, jumping from tree to tree. Viraj filmed nature shots from the balcony. See
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Dick Bruna op de fiets in Utrecht 20-09-2010 Dick Bruna op Nederlands Film Festival
Lijnen van Verbeelding, een hommage aan Dick Bruna, gaat zondag 26 september in premiere op het Nederlands Film Festival te Utrecht. De film is geproduceerd binnen Utrecht aan Zee, een serie korte films die een unieke culturele plattegrond van de stad vormen. De films worden ingezet bij de Vrede van Utrecht en de campagne Utrecht Culturele hoofdstad van Europa. Lijnen van Verbeelding kwam tot stand met medewerking van Mercis bv en de AVRO. Donderdagavond 23 september wordt de film vanaf 18.20 uur uitgezonden door RTV Utrecht.
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Het huis in de jungle 01-09-2010 Last trip for Silent Snow
From this house in the jungle we traveled to the Bri Bri indians to film the last scenes for Silent Snow. They succeeded to fight malaria without the use of DDT, but new dangers are threatening them. Far away upstream they start gold mining and poisons like mercury will reach them in their until now unspoiled and protected environment. The film will be ready by the end of September. Picture Amanda Merkx.
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Schaapherder Arnold Bemelmans en zijn kudde 11-08-2010 More than 100.000 viewers for 'Het Galgenven'
Last week, the 'Boeddhistische Omroep' broadcasted Jan van den Bergs feature film 'Het Galgenven' on national television. Despite of the unfortunate schedule, the film had more than 100.000 viewers. 'Het Galgenven' had his premiere in October 2009 on the Dutch film festival. After this, the feature film was screened in several cinema's across the country for weeks. You can still see 'Het Galgenven' on or buy the DubbelDVD 'Het Galgenven & Taming the floods' on this website.

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Greenland 07-06-2010 Silent Snow at Strawberry Earth Film Festival
Last weekend at the Dutch Environmental Film Festival Strawberry Earth Silent Snow proved to be one of the greenest film projects: we filmed all over the world with local crews, we found a great editor in our city of Utrecht, Boris Everts, who's coming on bike to edit at drsFILM headquarters and we decided to postpone the world premiere from September in Toronto to IDFA in November, being able to invite people who helped us in Greenland, India and Africa to the city of Amsterdam, avoiding many extra travels to Canada. See
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Seminar Jon Reiss 14-05-2010 DIY distribution seminar
A two days seminar in Amsterdam - where DIY ‘do it yourself‘ guru Jon Reiss - author of Bomb It gave us a lot of ideas and positive energy - was the perfect start for the distribution of the feature length Silent Snow film. With the help of our ambassadors worldwide we’ll be able to organize a great campaign around the film. On the picture from left to right, standing: organizers Carlos Natalio and Chai Locher, sitting: independent producer Jean Hellwig, Jon Reiss and Jan van den Berg
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Dog sledge early morning 16-04-2010 Soft ice in Saattut
An evening in Saattut, a small settlement in North West Greenland. The heavy snow last night has made the ice even more unreliable than yesterday and it seems we’re unable to return to Uummannaq. Too much “soft ice”. Lars, a brave Danish never-no-fear guy who’s just back from Afghanistan, wants to go ahead alone and see if we can make it on our dog sledges. On his snow scooter it won’t take him more than an hour, he has told us. But after some hours there is still no news from Lars.. See blogs in
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Pipaluk and Viraj 12-04-2010 Cameraman Viraj Singh in Greenland
As I flew out of Copenhagen, I cursed my luck as I didn’t get a window seat. I wanted to have my first glimpse of Greenland. As we were in the air, the captian announced how we could see Iceland below and I twisted my neck to see if Bjork was dancing somewhere on some mountain, but I was in the center seat and all I could see white clouds. 10 days later as we all know, those clouds were replaced by clouds of ashes that would cause aeroplane’s engines to shut down, which would then cause all of Europe to shut down its airports, leaving us stranded in the land of the glaciers. See his blog on
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Sophia and Pipaluk 23-03-2010 Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann in Uganda
I again flew 9 hours , but this time southwards - to Uganda. From Entebbe we drove to Kampala to pick up Ellady. Ellady works for Toxic Free Malaria Control in Uganda and he will join us on our trip to Lira in the north of Uganda. He did a lot of research in the region and knows exactly what happened there. On the picture: Pipaluk and Sophia, who was put in prison because she refused to let her house be sprayed. See Pipaluk's blog at
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