Landschapsarchitect Jan Dijkstra heeft een droom: de introductie van nieuwe natuur op een schaal die in Nederland niet mogelijk is. In Polen werkt hij aan een groot natuurgebied waarop de mens geen invloed meer zal hebben. Maar hij houdt geen rekening met de boeren die er wonen en raakt in de problemen. Met o.a. Jan Decleir, Frank Rigter en Karolina Wajda. Genomineerd voor een Dutch Academy Award in 2001. De jury: "Een fascinerende film over een fascinerend onderwerp".

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"Taming the Floods" , drama & documentary, 2000

Landscape architect Jan Dijkstra has a dream: the introduction of new nature on a scale, which would actually no longer be possible in The Netherlands.
When he is sent to Poland he grabs his chance and starts to work on creating a large nature reserve river which man will exert no control. In doing so he takes little account of the feelings of the local people involved and as a result he soons finds himself in difficulties. His interest in wolves adds another complication.
Although wolves are a prptected species in Poland, the farmers still hate them. Jan gradually loses interest in the original reason for his being in Poland. He casts the prominent Flemish actor Jan Decleir in the role of the landscape architect with more passion for flora and fauna than for the people and their work.
The picturesque shots of the Polish landscape captivate the viewer, which put one in mind of the pictures of seventeenth century painter Jacob van Ruysdael.
[sudkop]Jan Decleir[/sudkop]

With all his experience of identifying himself with the setting of a rural population and rebellion he melted easily into the village and landscapes of Eastern Poland. Once he said as a joke: If you want to win an Oscar, cast me! He played in two Oscar winning Dutch films: Character (1998) and Antoniaís Line (1995). "The film Deans (Belgium 1992) was nominated for an Oscar.

Joanna Furmaga

From 1988 working in the theatre of Leszek Madzik -All together over 500 appearances in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and most of Europe. Involved in the environmental movement as chief of the board of Society for Nature and Man and member of Program Council of Polish Green Net.

Lech Dyblik

I graduated from Cracow's acting school in 1981. Works in film and television. Films: "Pan Tadeusz", "Prawo ojca", " Killer" and " Taming the floods". Worked with Andrzej Wajda Krzysztof Zanussi, Kazimierz Kutz, Robert Enrico and Jan van den Berg.

Andrzej Zarnecki

Working in "Teatr Nowy". "Taming the floods" is his 84th screen appearance (movie and tv), and 187th role a.o. in films of Skolimowski (2) and Zanussi (5). First prize for the best actor at the Polish Contemporary Plays Festival. Also director of drama, opera, operetta and musical performances.

Jan Jurewicz

Played in more than 100 Polish, American and French films, in TV serial FRIENDS. Films of Witold Leszczynski,, Czekala and Spielberg (Schindlers List)
This year he played among others in Running Free en Lijmen / Het been. He is considered to be one of the most significant European film actors of the moment.

Frank Rigter

Educated as an actor in Amsterdam and New York, where he worked for several years. Extensive experience in film and television in Holland and abroad, recently a mayor role in the popular Dutch soap Onderweg naar morgen. Films: Anne Frankís Diary, Het Bittere Kruid, Blanche and Lost in Amsterdam.

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